Have you ever wondered:

"what does it take for women to succeed in a male-dominated workplace like mining?"

Or, are you a woman in STEM, struggling to navigate the male-dominated work environment?

Are you a woman in STEM, struggling to navigate the male-dominated work environment? Or you are you feeling stuck, feel insecure, unsure about your next step or wondering how do I create a winning career strategy? Do you feel burnt out and need a sounding board to help you navigate your careers to find fulfillment? Look no further!



How to navigate and succeed in a male-dominated mining work environment (STEM)

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15th October 2021




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“If you want it, go for it. Take a risk. Don’t always play it safe or you will die wondering.”


Imagine what life would be like if you had a book with key strategies and step-by step practical tools for use for you to navigate and succeed in a male-dominated workplace to C-Suite level?  

 What positive benefits that would have your life.  

 Be it you work in research as a woman in STEM or mining or construction or any profession for that matter.  

 Are you ready to unleash your superpowers too to succeed in your career or life?  

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It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped. 

Tony Robbins


Have you been passed over for promotion? You start with shock and denial about the events, and move on to anger at whoever you deem was responsible, be it a company or a person. I certainly went through this grieving process. We all go through adversities in our lives or careersPatience has been there! 

This Academy provides a one stop shop mentorship from someone who has walked the journey working in a STEM career field in mining for over 25 years. It will benefit other women who are experiencing challenges to navigate the male dominated workplace, balancing career and personal life. Its about letting other women know they are not the only one feeling that and they too can unleash their superpowers. 

What you will get 

✓ Free Access to  4 Full 1 hour video interviews with global women in STEM for a month. (There are 30 only available to Premium Platinum members) 

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 No permanent contract or locked in contracts, you can cancel anytime as long you give one month notice. 

✓ You select any module of your choice (except first month free period) 

✓ Gives you flexibility and you can do the online masterclasses at your own pace and time in the comfort of your own home 

✓ This is based on personal experience and research on the major challenges women are facing in male dominated workplace 

✓ This is also suitable for any gender including males too!  

You will be empowered to know your Why, your mission, how to fulfill your purpose as a woman in STEM and how to unleash your superpowers in your life and help you to succeed in your career as a leader. 

✓ This Academy will encourage you to allow yourself to challenge your limiting beliefs, find your values, guide your life accordingly, learn to be yourself to ultimately unleash your superpowers.  

 We will help you to realise and reach for your dreams, to have the courage and confidence to speak up, to ask for what you want, to drive your career and to find mentors, coaches to help you navigate and achieve in your career. 

 If you're passionate about climbing the career ladder in a male dominated workplace like mining as a woman, then I recommend that you join us 

 Patience uses facts and statistics to put life and reality into perspective. The arguments are based on her personal experiences and surveys she did with over 100 women in STEM related professions and 30 interviews across the globe 

 So now we'd like to share those gems of advice with you. 

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Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.

 Unleashing My Superpowers it’s a 4-module transformative online program with step by step strategies for women to re-discover their unique leadership gifts to unleash their super powers as leaders. 



In this course you will discover


✓ How to break those self-limiting belief systems holding you back.  

✓ Step-by-step exercises to identify and overcome invisible barriers based on survey we conducted 

✓ How to overcome fears of imposter syndrome and identify your superpowers to succeed 

 How to identify and find what gives you meaning and fulfillment in your career. 

✓ Why relationships matter as you rise and how to build your brand on LinkedIn 

✓ How to avoid a burnout or feeling depleted 8 Key strategies to stay in Peak Performance as a leader 

  And much more… 

With this package, you will get: 


✓ First 3 hour live session with Dr Patience Mpofu in October 2021

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“Unleashing My Superpowers is finding your voice and using your voice to be the catalyst for change. It is to say, “I am enough. I lead with purpose, share my gifts with the world and honour someone’s dreams so that they too can unleash their superpowers.”


Are you…. 

 Specialist, Manager to Senior Managers Level 5-15 years professional/work experience and who is willing to learn and contribute? 

 Or a successful women owned businesses in STEM or mining and would like to grow? 

 An achiever who has a global curiosity and intellectual ability? 

 Driven to make a contribution in society 

 Passionate about making a difference and committed to mentoring minimum 5 girls or women in STEM upon completion of program? 

Looking for individual growth and success? 

If you answered yes to any of the above, APPLY HERE for this unique Exclusive Platinum Member: 100 Women IN STEM Leadership and Women in Mining Entrepreneurs Program

We are excited to offer the following 2 exclusive Programs based on the needs of our clients: The application starts on the 1st October 2021. This is the First Cohort and will be many more each year.

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According to the World Economic Forum’s 2021 Global Gender Gap Report, it will now take an average of 136 years for women and men to reach parity on a range of factors worldwide


There are still invisible subtle barriers that hold women back from succeeding in a male-dominated workplace. 


Did you know? From a survey of more than 130 women we conducted across the globe, of women in male dominated workplaces (STEM): 

said, “If we have more women in leadership positions, more women will succeed.

believe that the biggest barrier in getting more women promoted is that there are no women in senior positions.

believe when women support each other, more women will succeed.

More than 81% said having a coach and mentor helped them with navigating the work environment and acting as a sounding board.

said having the right quality of network and belonging to a group of likeminded people has helped them to break the glass ceiling for their careers.

“It’s a subtle but profound shift in mindset, that allows us to understand what gives us meaning and taking our power back—opening the door to resilience and unleashing your superpowers. From “not feeling good enough” to “being enough” is a profound shift that women can experience.”



Coaching may increase your chances of success!

WE will help you grow and navigate the invisible barriers

 The United Nations has set ambitious Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) for its 2030 agenda, specifically goal 5 for gender equality.  

 This academy will teach women how to navigate a male-dominated workplace with insights from the hour-long interviews I had with 30 women across the globe who have achieved C-Suite and Board level. 

 When you have a growth mindset as a leader, you are constantly looking at ways to develop yourself and grow. Are you ready to unleash your superpowers??? 

 Women have untapped superpowers to change the world in STEM professions!!! 

 This is a Global movement to inspire women in STEM to be a force for gender equality and social change in STEM 










Dr Patience Mpofu, is a Bestselling author who has now turned her trailblazing career to pay it forward. For the first time, DR Mpofu has created this Academy to help you to navigate the male-dominated work environment to unleash your superpowers. She is a multi-award winner as one of the most influential women in Mining, and former Vice President of an Australian listed mining company. She is a Global Mining Sustainability Thought Leader (ESG), an IWF Fellow Alumni, Executive Leadership Coach and Women in STEM advocate. She has over 25 years of senior leadership mining experience and has authored and published over 10 international peer reviewed journals on sustainability in the mining industry. She is CEO of Peak Performance with Patience, and Insight Mining Experts. Patience holds a PhD in mineral processing from UNISA Australia, an MBA from Wits Business School in South Africa, and an AMP from INSEAD.  

Recently, when I was about to leave my 25 year career in the mining industry, I almost had a near death experience in Lesotho due to altitude. When my niece asked me why I stayed in the mining industry despite it being male dominated, I started narrating stories I experienced, lessons I learned, poems, prayers, beliefs about what mattered the most, some great childhood memories. I finally found what moved the needle the most in this tough mining industry and why I stayed in the industry and even advocating for it for more than 25 years. If you know how, and when, to deal with life's challenges” 

 As a woman leader in STEM, I have faced and reflected on my leadership journey in the Mining Industry and have made decisions and choices that have made me to be who I am today. 

 I have faced challenges in my leadership journey that have made me stronger and have used those learnings in my journey to keep moving up in the corporate world. 

 I have made mistakes in my leadership journey and would like to share with other women what not to do (lessons) and what to do in some of these situations. 

 I have asked myself, what would I tell my younger self if I were to do this all over again? This talks to young women who are in STEM who often feel stuck and don’t know if they really made the right choices. 

 As they say, choices determine our destinies. I have made choices and decisions in my leadership journey that have both led to my success 



You can order her book here.

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Patience has walked the journey in her STEM career and has shared with us what true grit to succeed against all odds means in the male dominated work environment of mining. She shares a deep passion for empowering women and closing the gender gap, and is making a huge contribution to a critical SDG.

—Professor Shirley Zinn, Independent Non-Executive Director on the Boards of JSE-listed companies and Executive Director at the Boston Consulting Group SA. South Africa

Patience's incredible story of her journey to recognition of her superpowers is an inspiration for all women and girls and not only those in STEM. With grit, determination, overcoming setbacks and taking risks, she succeeded in the male dominated mining industry and now shares her wisdom to help other women succeed. Unleashing My Superpowers is indeed a must-read book for every woman striving to succeed.

—Clare Beckton, Fulbright Scholar, Littauer fellow Harvard, Author of OWN-IT Your Success, your Future, Your Life. Canada

If you have ever felt stuck and you don’t know how to navigate the complex male dominated workplace like mining then this is a must read!

—Heike Truol, Non-Executive Director Clarkson plc and former Executive Head Anglo American plc. United Kingdom

This is a must read! Patience has captured the tools and skills we all need. Its about perseverance and unleashing your superpowers that ultimately makes you succeed.

—Anna Tudela, Board Member, Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion and Former Vice President for Gold Corp Resources. Canada

An exceptional woman that provides women with insights into how they can manage the difficult challenges of a woman building a career and working in the male dominated STEM oriented workplace of the mining industry.

—Professor Barbara Messerle, former Executive Dean, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Macquarie University, Former Deputy-Vice Chancellor of the University of Sydney, and visiting Professor at UNSW. Australia

Patience uses her superpower of storytelling to provide an inspirational but practical guide for all of us striving for Peak Performance! I know first-hand that she not only preaches and teaches the lessons she shares, she truly lives them.

—Shannon O. Pierce, IWF Fellow Alumni and 20-year Energy Executive. USA

Dr. Patience Mpofu is a woman of great courage, resilience, and inspiration. Her story proves that anything is possible when we stand on the shoulders of moral giants, believe in ourselves, and wish to serve the greater good.

—Anne Pratt, Harvard fellow, multi-awarded businesswoman, upcoming author Mandela’s Leadership Blueprint. South Africa

Practical and inspiring! A combination of her personal story and examples, Patience has turned her trailblazing career in the mining and metals industry into supporting and paving the way for other women in STEM coming up against the same barriers she experienced on her way to success across the globe.

—Helena De Oliviera, IWF Fellow Alumni and Executive Transformational Leader. Canada

Unleashing My Superpowers is a wonderful reflection of Patience’s authenticity, resilience and her passion to pay it forward. I met Patience as an IWF Fellow and her story connected with my heart when I first heard her speak. Her warmth and passion radiate through this wonderfully inspiring must-read.

—Kate Nuttall, IWF Fellow Alumni and Human Resources Leader. Australia

Unleashing My Superpowers is a must-read leadership for the 21st Century. Dr Patience Mpofu shares her own personal story of overcoming adversity and rising above life’s challenges to become Africa’s most influential woman in mining. Patience uses these life lessons to help guide and pave the way for others by creating a blueprint for women in STEM professions and leadership globally. She provides practical exercises for individuals to identify and express their own unique superpowers and invites organisations to cultivate environments that advance greater diversity, equity and inclusion for everyone.

—Hayley Moffiet-Wong, Founder of Architects of Change Network. Australia

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How to navigate and succeed in a male-dominated mining work environment (STEM)

Book launch Event:

15th October 2021




First 3 hour live session with Dr Patience Mpofu

Qualify the Women in STEM/Mining Leadership Program



Exclusive 100 Women IN STEM Leadership and Women in Mining Entrepreneurs Program

2 exclusive Programs based on the needs of our clients


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